Adroit Worldwide Media, Inc.

Adroit Worldwide Media, Inc. (AWM) is focused on delivering a universally accepted Digital ecosystem at the Point of Presence. AWM's Leadership has 50+ years of combined industry experience that affords thought leadership, Retail expertise and the know-how and ability to execute at scale. AWM's solutions provide a platform that incorporates virtually all currently disparate in-store technologies onto this ecosystem. Over their years of experience, AWM's Leadership has pushed the envelope in development of Facial Recognition software, globally scalable Content Management Software, and the optimization of large format video player programming and controllers. AWM’s latest offerings are the culmination of these disciplines; offering a solution that increases operational efficiencies, creates intimate customer experiences, generates new revenue streams for retailers and brands, and increases sales.

AWM In The News

DSE 2017


Kevin B. Howard

Founder, Chairman, CEO

Kurtis Van Horn Jr.

Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Emad Mirgoli

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Schumacher

VP of Technology

Eric Johnson

VP of Software Development


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