It’s been an amazing couple of years for AWM SMART SHELF.
We continue to stride with excitement, momentum and growth in the Retail and Technology space.


Smart Shelf Solutions

Smart shelves are changing the way retailers interact with customers.

NRF 2018 Review

AWM Smart Shelf recognises if a customer is within a certian distance shelving will display pricing, whereas if they are at a further distance promotional materials are displayed.

4 innovations startups

AWM Smart Shelf named one of four new innovative start ups.

AWM Smart Shelf Solution

Facial Recognition - Distance Detection - Real Time Adaptation.

Retail innovation: smart shelves enable dynamic pricing

AWM Smart Shelf has technology that will grab shoppers attention, keep track of inventory and allow for fast restocking, and also have face recognition that will analyze shoppers demographics (age, gender, enthnicity).

AWM Smart Shelf Solution

"Incredible response from NRF 2018."
-Kurtis Van Horn, Jr.

Digital Signage Best Practices Guide

AWM SMART SHELF creates customized product descriptions, pricing and promotions using a innovative LED display system.

Future of Shopping

Smart Shelves create a custom shopping experience for the repeat customer.

Four Retail Tech Trends From the 2018 NRF Show

AWM SMART SHELF's Automated Inventory Intelligence has made restocking 25-30% more effcient. Facial recognition cameras can change the diplayed content depending on the demographics.

2018 NRF: Hershey uses intel based AWM SMART SHELF

Hershey's has implemented AWM SMART SHELF. Smart Shelf technology uses inventory data and shopper statistics retailers will always be able to meet the needs of every customer.

Welcome to the Future of Retail, Where the Store Responds to You

Keep track of shrinking inventory and shopper statistics with Smart Shelf technology.

NRF 2018: Intel booth demo fact sheet

Hershey's wants to benifit both buyer and seller by using AWM SMART SHELF technology.

LED Display in the Milk Aisle

Arizona Milk is using AWM SMART SHELF to draw customers in and track their shopping patterns.

Future technologies impacting retail

AWM SMART SHELF is being used to display personalised images and promotions to repeat shoppers it identifies.

NRF Review

Walmart is using AWM SMART SHELF's facial recognition technology.

Increase Sales with Intelligent Shelving by Intel

"Retailers and brands can increase operational effciencies, create intimate customer experiences, and generate new revenue streams"

DSE 2017

AWM demostrates its smart shelfs and explains the technology in it.

FOX Business 2017

"How consumers purchase in stores is drastically different from online, said Kevin Howard, CEO of Adroit Worldwide Media Inc."

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AWM Smart Shelf at NRF 2018: Retail's Big Show, Jan. 14-16.

What an amazing experience for our team to represent AWM Smart Shelf at NRF. Check out our photos from the event!