Cashierless checkout has never been more obtainable.

AWM Smart Shelf’s AWM Frictionless™ platform utilizes advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect what products shoppers are removing from shelves.

These are added to their “cart” for easy walk-out shopping with automatic billing to their digital wallet.



When shoppers arrive at the store, they launch the mobile app to check-in & initiate a frictionless shopping session. Their physical presence is registered on the AWM Frictionless™ platform and they can begin browsing.


Demographic Engine

As shoppers move through the store, cameras track them, and their identity is further validated with facial matching. This combination ensures highly-accurate associations of product selections (and put-backs) with the individual, which helps eliminate billing errors.



With the implementation of AWM's Fascia in a retail environment and utilizing AWM’s super-wide-angle low light HD cameras, AWM’s Automated Inventory Intelligence (Aii®) solution can view and track virtually any product or UPC in a retail environment. It is highly accurate, and results can be provided as quickly as near-real-time and as frequently as hourly or even in response to shopper activity. It is simply the most robust inventory tool available.


Digital Wallet

When done shopping, shoppers simply exit the store with their products and are automatically charged. A digital receipt is sent via email and is also available within their online account. By default, the preferred payment method in the shopper’s digital wallet is utilized to pay, but shoppers may also select a different method any time prior to leaving


Machine Learning

Machine learning tracks shopper purchases and intelligently makes shopping list recommendations during future shopping visits, adaptively tuning suggestions as products are placed into the cart. For example, when a particular shopper purchases steak they tend to purchase marinade, so marinade becomes a real-time suggestion, as well as a “did-you-forget” suggestion upon leaving the store if not purchased.